Wednesday, 6 February 2013

9. Internship. A Terrapin with Swollen Eye Can Go Home

Swollen Eye Terrapin

Owner had bought 2 hatchling terrapins last September. They were fed with pellets, anchovies and shrimp. The water was changed daily however they were not put under the sun often. They had rocks in their tank for resting.

In December, owner started to notice that one of the terrapin wasn’t eating and it had both swollen eyes while the other one was thriving healthily. The sick terrapin was sent to Toa Payoh Vets on 22 January 2013 with the complaint of both swollen eyes.

 So it was treated with daily change of fresh water, sunbathing for 30 minutes, multivitamin supplement and daily antibiotic eye drops on each eye.

After 13 days of treatment, on 6th February the left eye was partially open however the third eyelid was slightly prolapsed. Though the improvement is very slight but persistency in treatment plan will eventually yield results. So it was sent home to continue with the treatment on 7th February.

In conclusion, the terrapin had conjunctivitis and usually for cases like this it takes a long time to heal. The other tank mate at home had grown big and healthy. 

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