Sunday, 3 February 2013

3. Internship. A Golden Retriever With Two Big Lumps Below the Sternum


Ace is a 10 year old, male, Golden Retriever that came in with subcutaneous tumour and ruptured abcess (10”x5”x5”) below the sternum. He had been inappetance and had trouble walking for 10 days. During examination, he was down with slight pyrexia (T: 40.7˚C), deep ear infection, abscess, tumour and ulcerated foot pad of the right forelimb.

Possible treatment option:
1.       The dog required surgery to remove both the abscess and subcutaneous tumour.
2.       Excise about 1cm from the margin of the tumour to ensure complete removal.
3.       Then surgically debride the affected area and remove pus by flushing the abscess.
4.       Use hydrogen peroxide followed by chlorhexidine, diluted povidone iodine and then smear mixture of antibiotic cream and dermapred on the wound.
5.       Depending on the size, the gaping wound can be stitch up or left open for second intention healing and that would need daily wound cleaning.
6.       If the wound is big, we need to stitch up and reduce the dead space to avoid fluid accumulation. We also need to insert drainage such as Penrose drain to allow daily flushing of the wound.
7.       If the wound is small then second intention healing is intended. 
8.       The animal also needed systemic antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicine.
9.       If there is swelling, then apply warm compression twice daily.
10.   The dog had to wear a e-collar to avoid self trauma.
Prepared by
Intern: Erica Chai Hui Ling

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